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Huawei Enters Smart Printer Market

Huawei Consumer Business Group, one of the three primary business units of Chinese major Huawei Technology Co., unveiled a full range of enterprise-focused smart products, which represent the company’s long-term strategic investment.

The outstanding performance, security, stability, and reliability of services and the availability of smart offices and creation tools have the potential to revolutionize smart office work in a myriad of industries. With this in mind, the Shenzhen-based company has launched its new HUAWEI PixLab B5 laser multi-function printers to provide enterprises with smart, convenient, and connected office capabilities, with simplified network configuration and print tasks. With pop-up pairing, Huawei printers can connect to the network across multiple devices and print information with a single click on a smartphone. The PixLab B5 prints at up to 30 pages per minute, saving valuable time, and taking productivity to the next level. Ultra-stable network connections prepare the printer to respond to printing demands in real time, across a variety of office and business scenarios.

The new PixLab B5 series comes with a range of impressive smart applications. When the printer is near a Huawei PC, phone or tablet, the device will automatically detect the printer and display a pairing card popup. By touching the connect button, the device’s connection to the printer can be established in less than 20 seconds. After opening a photo or document on a Huawei phone, the print job can be started by simply tapping the phone against the Huawei Share sensing area of ​​the printer. The HUAWEI AI Life app enables remote printing after connecting the printer to a network, especially when someone is out of office but would like to share a document with a colleague. Remote printing is supported by HUAWEI CLOUD printing services, to ensure a high level of security and stability. HUAWEI PixLab B5 adopts drum-toner separation structure, and innovative tray-type toner cartridge, which can be replaced by itself. The high-capacity drum cartridge supports up to 15,000 pages of printing, saving businesses unimaginable time and money.

Huawei provides customers with robust support in terms of product testing standards, data security solutions, and full lifecycle services to meet the most stringent needs of government and corporate customers.

All Huawei Consumer Business Group products have passed a series of stringent quality assurance tests. Commercial desktop computers, for example, must pass explosive atmosphere, mechanical vibration, low air pressure, low temperature, high temperature, mechanical impact, mold, solar radiation, temperature impact, vibration, dust, humidity, and envelope tests for acidic atmosphere. Only selected materials are used, and products are designed with a focus on reliability and safety.

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