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New TVZ Company is a major package printing operation in Egypt. Established in 2003 and located in Industrial Zone of Belbeis, the company is spread in an area of 2500 square meters.  New TMZ is specialized in flexible packaging printing including shrink sleeve and PVC. The company boasts a full pre-press department. But that’s not all, New TVZ is also a major supplier of printing and converting equipment including flexo and gravure presses as well as lamination, slitter rewinder and other finishing equipment.  To find out more about the company’s activities and products ME Printer sat down with Eng. Ibrahim Awaad, Chairman of the Board of New TVZ. Here are the excerpts:

How did you get involved with printing industry?

I have more than 20 years of experience in printing and packaging industries. I graduated from the Faculty of Science, Zagazig University, in 2000, and joined one of the largest printing companies in Egypt to gain experience in the field of printing and packaging. The valuable experience I accumulated during my tenure in that company helped me to establish my own business for supplying equipment and consumable to the printers in Egypt. In 2007 I expanded my operation offering package printing services as well.

What measures you have taken to protect your employees from Corona virus?

We have followed all possible preventive and precautionary measures including supplying mask, and face shield to our employees, taking employees’ temperature on daily basis, using sanitation stations as well as observing social distancing regulations.

How did Coronavirus affect your operation?

The decline in tourism and hospitality sectors, as well as the closure of restaurants, cafes, schools and shopping malls left an adverse effect on our operation. To make matters worse we faced with shortage of consumables and materials for printing. We were forced to cut down on our staff by 50% and work in two shifts instead of one.

Do you think the epidemic will force or encourage print houses to rely more on automation and less on manual labor?

Coronavirus affected all aspects of our activities. In order to avoid personal contact many companies relied more on virtual meetings and online interaction with their customers. However, automation requires planning, preparation and training. For time being we will still be depending more on manpower rather than automation.

Do you believe that the Coronavirus pandemic, which seems to be with us for some time, will change the media landscape in your country?

Of course. People have to adopt to new realities, learn how to protect themselves and follow the social distancing regulations. People will get the latest updates from TV or through new media.

How much you rely on Internet for receiving and processing orders?

We are increasingly relying on Internet to work and Interact with our customers. At the moment more than 70% of printing orders we receive are coming via the Internet and e-mails. There are not much in-person communications.

Have you downsized due to pandemic? What is the current total number of employees?

We reduced our work force by 50%. At the moment we have 52 employees.

What is your plan for future investments? 

We are planning to expand our operation beyond Egyptian borders and set up companies in other countries, creating a connected business network of individuals and offices. Our aim is to penetrate neighboring counties markets and distribute our products.

Did you invest in new printing equipment recently? What is your average monthly production capacity or output?

Last year we invested in new equipment, valued at 150 million Egyptian pounds. In total we purchased 7 machines including printing, wrapping, cutting, welding, and other finishing equipment. At the moment we boast an arsenal of top of the line printing and converting equipment which enable us to produce different high quality packaging. We produce 150 tons of flexible packaging per month using different types of films including, polypropylene, polyester, aluminum and PVC shrink film roll.

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