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Everything you need to know about printing and publishing in the Middle East, now at your fingertips …

What is happening in the printing and publishing industry in the Middle East?

The Middle East’s printing and publishing industry is witnessing unsurpassed growth and action. From Egypt to Lebanon to the United Arab Emirates, new publications are entering the market, and state-of-the-art printing technology is delivered and installed in print houses across the region.

International events showcasing products and services from all parts of the world just for the printing and publishing professionals are being hosted across the Middle East.

As more and more players enter the market, competition is stiff, margins are narrow. While the playing field is getting levelled, the game is getting tougher.

The reader is expecting more and more from print, especially as rich media competes for the little time he or she has to read printed communication.

There never has been a more urgent need than now for printers and publishers in the region to keep updated of the latest trends in the industry, to even survive in the Information Age as those who are entrusted with providing the information through print.

The need of the hour is a medium, a vehicle, a forum that helps professionals of the printing and publishing industry to stay ahead – by staying informed.

Now it will be possible for everyone who is a part of the printing and publishing industry in the Middle East or has an interest in it to get the latest news, views, and information, delivered right to their doorstep or desktop. Through ME Printer – the region’s unique magazine dedicated to printing and publishing professionals – ready to be launched in February 2004.

About the publisher

ME Printer is a monthly print communication magazine catering to a wide cross-section of print professionals in the Middle East. The magazine was conceived to provide relevant, reliable, and accessible information about the graphic arts industry in the region.

The company, with over 30 years of accumulated experience in publishing, seeks to fill the knowledge gap in the print industry by providing up-to-date information. The magazine targets the graphics arts and print industry in the broad areas of advertising, public relations, publishing, printing, and packaging, along with extensive coverage of the latest technology and market trends.

ME Printer is published in both English and Arabic, and over 6000 copies are printed and distributed monthly. It has a Classifieds section dedicated to the sale and purchase of used equipment, jobs, vacancies, services for print houses, and investment opportunities in the Middle East.

A host of international experts, including Frank Romano, Professor Emeritus of New York-based Rochester Institute of Technology are regular contributors to the magazine. Renowned industry professionals such as Rod Hayes and Dr. George Simonian are the technical editors for the English and Arabic sections.


ME Printer keeps you informed

Targeting print and publishing professionals, ME printer offers the latest news, views, and expert analysis on print media technologies and trends.

With its wide range of activities, ME Printer’s print and online editions (www.meprinter.com) will provide the latest news on technological advancements and management know-how in the printing industry to those who are looking for reliable information. The issues of investment and commercial trends will feature prominently.

Installation of new machinery, drawing up important contracts, shifts in ownerships, joint ventures and/or corporate takeovers, and marketing opportunities in the printing industry are some of the areas that the publication will keep in its field of vision.

Technical reviews of prepress systems, presses, and digital equipment will complement other articles.

Digital printing and the technology of Print Media are also of central importance to ME Printer.

Published in the United Arab Emirates – the commercial heart of the region – ME Printer will satisfy the need to know for printing and graphic arts business, from Oman to North Africa.

What ME Printer will cover?

– Prepress and pre-media

– Print

– Finishing

– Digital technology

– Workflow

– Package Printing

– News & Trends

– Markets and services

– Who should read ME Printer?

– Printers

– Prepress specialists

– Postpress specialists

– Suppliers

– Package printers

– Software vendors

– Graphic designers

– Publishers

– Ad agencies

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