Top 6 Packaging Trends in 2021

Product Packaging – it’s the first thing that customers notice about your brand. Now that making unboxing product videos is trending on social media, product packaging has become important.

If the presentation is not good, customers may not be satisfied with your service, even though the product is good. The key is to sell custom products online while staying updated with the current packaging trends.

So, in 2021, here are the trends that you should look out for to impress customers with packaging.

According to Our World in Data’s research, 380 million plastic is produced annually, and 6.8 million is recycled. This shows the total plastic waste generated in a year. The reason why many package businesses have turned to sustainable packaging. Many countries, including China, Italy, Kenya, have banned plastic use.

They have implemented sustainable options such as cardboard packaging, cloth bags, and other materials. You can implement it too. There are many benefits to it, such as reduced carbon footprint, biodegradable, reduced cost, increased sales, etc.

Consumer Trend
All thanks to technology, we can access everything in the blink of an eye. On top of that, mobile phones and laptops have made shopping convenient. People like to have their food on the go. This has increased the demand for solid and durable cardboard-type packaging, or the ones that make meal packaging safe and securely tied.

Also, people have become more cautious of their health. They take gluten-free and organic food. It has increased the sales of foil-based packages that keep food fresh.

If you want to sell custom products online, go for it. But that’s not the only customization that you should be offering.

Look at Starbucks; they add customers’ names to their ordered items. Do you think that it’s only to avoid miscommunication? It is one of the reasons. The primary reason is to make customers feel special. That’s the kind of customization you can offer your customers.

Give your customers the freedom and option to design their own packages. If they send out a gift to someone else or buy one for themselves, a personal touch would make their day.

Suggestion: Next time, when you research “how to start a packaging business?” don’t forget to look for an online product designer tool.

Vintage Packaging
The vintage style never goes out of trend, even if it’s for packaging. The best part of implementing it now is millennials. You can target millennials, provide them with classic vintage packaging that takes them back to their childhood days. This trend has been around since 2019, and many businesses are benefiting from it.

Many beverage industries are moving their packaging to the ’90s. They say that vintage packaging helps gain customers’ trust. It provides a simple and authentic look.

Color Contrasts
Color contrasts have been in the industry for a long time. But what’s setting it apart this year is the color contrasts, combination, new designs, and textures. The new colors and designs are warm. They give a realistic effect, and designers are making use of it for different packaging.

Story-driven Packaging
We always hear that story-telling is the best way to increase customer engagement. Do you know you can tell the story through packaging too?

Many packaging companies are creating designs that tell a story about their brand or product. They are helping customers connect with them on an emotional level.

The inspiration for these stories can be retail, songs, images, movies, web series, books, or anything else. These ideas can then connect with customers and increase sales.

If you’re planning to start a packaging business, make sure to follow these future trends. They play an essential role in marketing strategy, improving customer engagement, and increasing business’ sales.

Choose any one of the following trends that’s suitable for you and go for it. However, don’t leave the customization option out. People love personalization, and if you offer them that, they would be happy to come back to you.

Sustainability, consumer trend, customization, color contrast, vintage packaging is a few of the hottest trends of the packaging industry in 2021.

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