Recipients of the Scodix Design Awards Announced

Scodix announced the winners of the company’s Scodix Design Awards competition celebrating 10 years of digital enhancement. Scodix customers worldwide submitted over 150 jobs representing the global printing industry. The panel of judges selected winners based on design quality, application excellence and ingenuity. This contest raised the bar even further by showing unique creativity and innovation for print products that can be produced on a Scodix Digital Print Enhancement Press.

Eli Grinberg, Scodix CEO, states, “The Scodix Design Awards is a moment of great pride to witness the collection of so many Scodix customers work at once. New boundaries are always set by our customers implementation of their vision into physical print and the evidence of this innovation is evident by the work submitted for the annual contest. This year’s contest, celebrating 10 years of digital enhancement, is by far the most impressive yet, not just because of the number of submissions, but the quality of submissions. Even with the postponed awards announcement due to the COVID-19 cancellation of drupa 2020 and 2021, we are excited to now announce the winners, but first I must personally thank every customer for their participation, loyalty and exceptional work.”

And the winners are:

General Commercial Print (GCP): First Place

Company: Printonica Sri Sivarama Digital Press
Job: Jaguar Anika Motors Personalized Kit
Country: India

General Commercial Print (GCP): Second Place

Company: Visions Inc.
Job: New Year’s Eve Invite
Country: United States

General Commercial Print (GCP): Honorable Mention

Company: Procolor
Job: Vina San Pedro Tarapaca Labels
Country: Chile

Folding Carton/Packaging: First Place

Company: P+E Galeria Digital
Job: Articulated Avengers Box for Cinemark
Country: Brazil

Folding Carton/Packaging: Second Place

Company: Nanjing Subu
Job: Chinese New Year Gift Box Set
Country: China

Folding Carton/Packaging: Honorable Mention

Company: TBB, a.s.
Job: Brandy Box
Country: Slovakia

Publishing: First Place

Company: TBB, a.s.
Job: Selma Book Cover
Country: Slovakia

Publishing: Second Place

Company: Bennett Graphics
Job: Hospitality Product Guide
Country: United States

Publishing: Honorable Mention

Company: J Point
Job: Grand Millennium Catalog
Country: Bulgaria

Self-Promotion Print: First Place

Company: Dfus Omanim
Job: Music Calendar
Country: Israel

Self-Promotion Print: Second Place

Company: Jujin Packaging
Job: – Packaging Poster
Country: China

Self-Promotion Print: Honorable Mention

Company: Wihabo
Job: Christmas Gift Boxes
Country: Netherlands

Technology: First Place

Company: Haxan (Hakusan Printing)
Job: Mercedes-Benz Art Scope
Country: Japan

Technology: Second Place

Company: Printing by Innovation (PBI)
Job: Ice Wine Festival Ticket
Country: Canada

Technology: Honorable Mention

Company: The Anstadt Company
Job: Packaging Insert
Country: United States

The winners have been notified directly, and their recognized submissions, as well as many of the other competing entries will be displayed online, at public industry events and Scodix-sponsored activities. For more information about each awarded submission, visit Scodix Design Awards

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