Egypt’s Paper Products Exports Recorded $ 509 Million

Ahmed Jaber, Undersecretary of the Egyptian Export Council for Printing, Packaging, Paper, Books and Artistic Works, said that the sector’s exports amounted to 509 million dollars until November 2020, a slight decline of 8% compared to the same period last year, which recorded 549 million dollars. Top 10 importers of Egyptian paper products are Britain, Northern Ireland, Kenya, KSA, US, Sudan, Italy, Libya, Morocco and Lebanon.  With exports valued at 54 million dollars Britain and are top importers of Egyptian printing, packaging and paper products. KSA with US 41 million dollar ranked third while Sudan, USA, Libya, Italy Morocco and Lebanon are next in the list. According to jabber Jaber top export items are wrapping paper, cardboard, toilet paper, notebooks as well as books and bags.

“The Council will send a list of all products produced by the printing, packaging and paper sector in Egypt to the Egypt’s Commercial Representation Office in Germany to be presented to the German market,” comments Jaber.

The Council also addressed the Egyptian Commercial Representation Office in Saudi Arabia to step up its efforts to increase Egyptian exports to the Saudi market.

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