Bobst to Host Webinar on ACCUCHECK

Zero- fault packaging is now a reality 

Bobst will host a webinar on September 10 to present New ACCUCHECK, the most advanced inline quality control solution in the packaging industry.

In today’s hectic and time-pressured world, zero-fault packaging is the Holy Grail of packaging production. Most companies no longer have the luxury of Quality Control personnel carefully checking their packing and filling process – ever-tighter margins and increasing competitions have seen to that. So instead, packaging must be – in theory – fault-free on arrival. The onus for quality assurance has shifted from the goods producers and packer-fillers to the packaging manufacturer.

This webinar will explore how zero-fault packaging is made possible with the New ACCUCHECK. Join Bobst panel of experts including Claude Tomá, Product Support Manager, Benjamin Carron, Technical Product Marketing Manager, Pierre Bingalli Product Marketing Director folder- gluers and Gregory Gascon, Project Manager examine and discuss how Bobst have reached a zero-fault future, how the New ACCUCHECK is becoming a benchmark across multiple industries, and how users are already benefiting from the innovation.

Joining the webinar, you will Understand key capabilities of new ACCUCHECK including precise text control, color management, carton damage detection, and print-to-cut register.

The webinar will be held on September 10th in morning and afternoon sessions.

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