The New Normal: eCommerce and Packaging in a Post-Covid World

Memjet released a new white paper about the significant impact that recent global events have had on the eCommerce marketplace and how inkjet printing technology is creating solutions to meet market demands during this time.

“Even before the pandemic, demand for packaging was expanding, but now it is advancing even faster,” says Oscar Ibarra, Senior Director of Global Marketing Communications.

According to analysis done by Research and Markets, a global research firm, significant drivers of growth in global packaging production was noted to include increased demand for fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), pharmaceutical packaging and rising e-commerce sales due to lockdown.

Moreover, the Q2 Global Shopping Index report published by Salesforce, indicated that digital shoppers drove an unprecedented 71 percent revenue growth in the second quarter of this year compared to the previous year.






Many consumer habits formed during times of widespread crisis usually end up sticking for good, according to Thad Rueter in Retailer Magazine. This trend means that even consumers who had not traditionally been online shoppers now may be regularly shopping online.

This shift requires brands to use packaging to communicate their values and to maintain a positive connection with the customer.

“As we move forward, all people need to adopt an agile approach to how they do business and solve the new problems,” says Ibarra “Inkjet printing, and the technology described in this white paper are flexible and affordable, giving businesses the innovative edge they need to add creative value to the packages they produce while avoiding wasted materials.”

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