Saudi Officials Call for Boycotting Turkish Imports Is Good News for Egyptian Printing and Packaging Industry Egyptian Printing and Packaging Industry

Saudi Arabia commercial ties with Turkey took a blow when Saudi authorities called for boycotting Turkish products, replacing them with Egyptian goods.

Welcoming the recent announcement by Saudis , Ahmed Jaber, head of the Printing and Packaging Chamber of the Federation of Industries and member of the Export Council for Printing, said that the Saudi decision to boycott Turkish products is in the interest of Egyptian exporters, and added:” I hope that Egypt reciprocates, because the political boycott alone is not enough, and the economic sanction is more effective to achieve political objectives”

In statements to Al-Ahram Gate, Jaber said that the Export Council will evaluate the volume of trade between Turkey and Saudi Arabia, as well as types and quality of Turkish exports to the Saudi market, and vice versa, to immediately begin replacing the Egyptian product with the Turkish product in the Saudi market. Jaber praised the Egyptian-Saudi relations, pointing out that the Federation of Industries has a very good relationship with the brothers in Saudi Arabia. the Federation of Industries visited the Saudi Business Council before the Corona pandemic, and there is constant communication between two.

He called on brothers in Saudi Arabia to opt for the Egyptian alternative instead of Turkish products for the Saudi market

Saudi Officials call for boycotting “Everything Turkish”, in response to the Turkish intervention in the region, and support of terrorism.

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