Creativity and Art Exhibitions at Princess Noura University

The College of Design and Arts at Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman University in Saudi Arabia simultaneously organized two exhibitions dubbed as, “Simplaj” and “Inspiration”. More than 90 visual and photographic artworks as well as printed master works, and sculpture were put on display.

The head of the visual arts department, Dr. Ibtisam Al-Rasheed, said that the exhibition “Simplaj” contains the works of the fifth level students of the Fine Painting and Sculpture track, targeting male and female students and all those interested in the field of visual arts. “The value simplaj lies in the artist’s tools that express his own reality, they are raw materials that we do not realize Its value when we include it in the list of things that we do not need, but the artist digs deep with his careful eye and his inspiring imagination to reformulate it anew, add an aesthetic and cultural dimension to it and replay it again, highlighting the essence of things and confirming that things have a sensory, aesthetic and plastic value, that enriches society and the artist would like to share it with us.” Explains Dr. Al-Rasheed.

According to Dr. Al-Rasheed Inspiration exhibition aims at presenting the works of all eight levels of the department to so they can understand the nature of visual arts program, including photography and printing as an art form.

The double exhibitions are a good opportunity for those interested in Saudi art created to contemplate, exchange views and review the works of amateur artists and students.

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