Al Ahram Switches To Agfa’s New Chemistry Free Plates

The latest newspaper in the region to change from traditional printing plates to Agfa Graphics’ chemistry-free solutions is Al Ahram in Cairo. Eng. Ibrahim El-Ghamry, Director General of Al-Ahram Printing Press says: “By introducing N94-VCF at our print sites in Cairo and 6th October City we have reduced our prepress waste by more than 85%. This is great for the environment, and even better for our wallet. The combination of Agfa Graphics’ CTP systems and N94-VCF plates has reduced the maintenance time by more than 60%, which means we can image more plates in less time, without compromising quality.”

Agfa Graphics continues to focus on ecological production processes for the newspaper industry. The company says its chemistry-free prepress solutions simplify processes and therefore reduce maintenance significantly. Whilst environmental considerations are a major factor in the choice of prepress systems, the need to control the cost remains crucial. According to Agfa using chemistry-free prepress solutions, newspaper printers have not only improved their environmental impact, but are saving money in the process.

Agfa claims since N94-VCF is a chemistry-free plate there is no need for a developer, meaning that the plate is cleaned with a dedicated gum, during which the soft, unexposed non-image area is removed. The gum is pH-neutral and there is a substantial water saving. Just like with Agfa Graphics’ Azura TS systems that are in use at commercial printers throughout the region, violet chemistry-free offers major advantages in maintenance time. 

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