Rolling Blackouts Have Celebrities on Edge

Since the sweltering summer months began, Cairo and much of the rest of the country have experienced massive outages which made life miserable for many Egyptian and not surprisingly for celebrities as well.  Authorities on the other hand blame the shortage of electricity on over consumption as well as technical issues. The losses endured by factories are estimated at hundreds of millions of Egyptian Pound.

One sector that was punished mercilessly by the outages is printing industry. Printers were not able to deliver orders on time and this made one particular stratum of Egyptians angry and on the edge. Many Egyptian celebrities who normally don’t bother to find out how and through which process their works are being printed and published had to rush to print houses  personally to find out more about the fate of their Albums, posters, books or other promotional products.  The energy crisis also affected music lovers and fans who were eagerly waiting for the latest album releases of their favorite singers. 

One of these celebrities who had to visit a print house to find out about the cover of his album was   Mohamed Hamaki, the famous Egyptian singer.  “IPH” international printing house which was printing the cover for his album had to hold down the work due to blackouts. Hamaki also had to make sure that the content of his album does not leak outside. In a twitter message sent by Hamaki, he complains about the regular power cuts that delays the production of his album. He assured his fans as soon as things get back to normal the album would be released.  

Asaleh, another famous Syrian singer whose artistic endeavor was disrupted by loss of electricity along with her producer Richard Hajj have decided to file a lawsuit against the Ministry of Electricity for delay in their album release as well as for the financial damages caused.

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