Prime Minister Makes Surprise Visit to National Library and General Authority for Book


Hisham Qandil, Prime Minister of Egypt made a surprise visit to the Egyptian National Library and Archives. He inspected the offset press within the library and checked the printing of textbooks. Qandil listened to the grievances of the Workers Authority, including their demand for an incentive.

Qandil later asked the Chairman of the National Library and Archives to make contact with international bodies like UNESCO and discuss with them about the historical significance of the library. He also suggested participating in international and local fairs and to build a closer cooperation with international institutions.

The Prime Minister also visited the Egyptian General Authority for Book and inspected the press building and expressed admiration for their work.

During his visit, the Prime Minister listened to the demands of a group of employees, which included job security and the payment of bonus. After listening, Qandil promised to consider their demands. Later on, Ahmed Mujahid, Chairman of the Book project accompanied the Prime Minister on his tour of the General Authority for Book. The Prime Minister promised him that he will discuss about the project with Mohammed Saber Arab, Minister of Culture. Meanwhile, Ahmed Mujahid issued a bonus of 250 Egyptian pounds each to the staff of the General Authority, which was due last August.


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