RMGT Increases Capacity by up to Twofold

The Japanese press manufacturer is upbeat about the post covid recovery. The company received many orders from the USA, Europe, Asia and other market during last year. In recent press release the company said that the number of orders received is beyond their expectation. The company maintains that the global printing industry is well on the way to recovery from COVID-19. In consideration of such worldwide demands, RMGT has already decided to increase its production volume 1.5 to 2 times to meet the customer’s quick delivery request.

Although it will take more time for some models to shorten the delivery time, RMFT’s production, procurement and designing department are proceeding this subject as a top priority. The company has many backorders of 1050TP-8 for publishing and commercial printing industries mainly from China and Korea and multi-color 1050LX with coating unit for packaging industry from USA, UK, China, Korea, Thailand and so on.

However, the 920 series are still the most sellable machine for RMGT and its brand new 970 series have several remarkable results in the USA market. In addition, the demand of B2 press 790 series is also increasing from Europe and Chinese packaging industries.

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