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Police Press to Improve Fraud Control Measures

A recent seminar “Modern Technologies to Secure Bank Cheques and Documents,” organized by the Police Press in Cairo discussed the exclusive solutions to the problems of counterfeiting and forgery in the banks.

The event witnessed the presence of high ranking delegates from Egyptian banks, Public Funds Investigation and Faculty of applied Arts from the department of printing and publishing.

A demonstration of these techniques in practice was also organized for the better understanding of the applied mechanisms, which would help in identifying and fixing these problems.

Engineer Mohammad Abu Zahra, General Manager of Police Press, who was present on the occassion said, “All banks face significant risks due to fraud cheques and documents, thus Police Press along with Troy, an American company specialized in the production of security inks, has managed to produce an ink that will prevent cheque forgery.” These inks will be soon put to use with the National Bank of Egypt, he added.

Mohamed Abdel Rahman, expert in the field of insurance documents, banking and identifying forged documents, emphasized on two types of forgery and added that “The new florescent ink will efficiently prevent the malpractices. When exposed to the UV rays, the new ink will reveal the tampering with the data, thereby making it easier to identify the fraud.”

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