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Komori Opens Security Printing Centre at Tsukuba Plant

Japanese giant Komori Corporation has announced the opening of KGC-S (Komori Global Center-Security) at its premier press production facility in Tsukuba.

Fine-tuned for over 65 years on the concepts of ‘Power to the Print’ and ‘Trust in Print’, the state-of-the-art KGC-S facility offers Komori’s security printing technologies to government agencies, printing companies, and suppliers of banknotes and high-security printing through printing demonstrations, training, and R&D activities.

Banknote printing still relies on traditional, tried-and-tested methods, going through four stages of production: offset printing, silkscreen printing, intaglio printing, and letterpress printing, important security printing technologies that cannot be eliminated. The recent trend in the manufacturing of banknotes is a highly complex process that leverages a plethora of innovative technologies that have been developed to combat the threat of fraud or counterfeiting.

KGC-S is equipped with banknote printing machines and systems that incorporate the most modern security printing technologies, helmed by a team of security printing experts.

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