Pantone Adds 229 Colors to the Pantone Matching System

Pantone LLC, the global color authority and provider of professional color language standards and digital solutions for the design community, announced the addition of 229 new colors to the Pantone Matching System™ (PMS). The new colors, including 224 mixed hues and 5 base inks, join Pantone’s already extensive library of over 2,350 colors available across all of Pantone’s Graphic System products, including the flagship Pantone Formula Guide and additional Pantone products such as the Pantone Color Bridge, Pantone Solid Chips, Pantone Solid Guide Set, Pantone Reference Library, Pantone Portable Guide Set, Pantone Essentials Set, and Pantone Solid Color Set.

The launch of the new colors comes following the integration of 294 Pantone Matching System Colors added in 2019 for closer alignment with Pantone’s Fashion, Home + Interiors System.The Pantone Matching System™ is regularly reviewed by Pantone’s team of color scientists and trend and market experts to further fill gaps in the existing system and allow for an even larger gamut of available colors, capabilities, integration, and standardization for graphic and product designers, brands, printers, converters and ink manufacturers.

The addition of these new colors highlights the increased need for more nuanced shades across the library to help designers easily integrate with their evolving workflow such as:

Trend-Relevant Colors: The addition of more dark neutrals, blues, greens, and purples allows for more variety throughout the design process while maintaining close proximity to upcoming trends.

Color Accuracy: The latest Pantone color guides are the most stable and consistent printed colors, matching the master standard digital data with all-new and updated cross-referenced data for closer parity between physical and digital formats.

Digital integration and ease of use: Designers can access all PMS Colors, including the additional 229 PMS colors in real-time through Pantone’s digital application, Pantone Connect.

Product advancements and development: All Pantone colors in the new Pantone Formula Guide are eco-friendly, containing soy and other vegetable oils, with consideration for low migration of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to ensure compliance with OSHA, the EU, and GHS.

Further to this, all existing and new colors in the Pantone PMS system have been formulated using the 11 base inks in the color library. Additionally, to ensure no disruption to a user’s design workflow and creative projects, the appearance across Pantone products and services, including the Pantone Digital

Master libraries, remains unchanged. Pantone licenses ink suppliers around the world to communicate and match PMS colors to meet the needs of brands, designers, and printers. This means that anyone who is collaborating within a creative workflow can be in separate locations yet the end result in the production process will realize color consistency across substrates, thus ensuring the project will be aligned with Pantone’s global standards.

“As the leading source of color information, products, and services, including seasonal trend forecasts, palette recommendations, marketing and color psychology, we are continuing to evolve our business, products and partnerships to ensure that we prepare our designers for the best solutions for color accuracy and a seamless workflow across digital and physical spaces” said Elley Cheng, General Manager and Vice President of Pantone. “Keeping in tune with not only trend research, market research, and designer feedback, our scientific processes for color creation allow us to build the most thoughtful and accurate color libraries to provide the best outcome to our customers.”

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