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Komori Thinks Up Connected Automation at Print China 2023

Printing consists of many processes due to its historical background of specialization. Today, automation, labour saving, and robotics have made it possible to improve the productivity of each process. However, since individual production processes are managed by analog means, each of them will be fragmented. But by connecting the entire production process through digitalization, it is possible to improve production efficiency, visualize costs, and increase profitability. In this way, creating production innovation through digital transformation at the printing site is the Connected Automation way of thinking.

With KP-Connect at the core, Komori has proposed improving the performance of each piece of equipment and maximizing productivity by optimizing the entire process through connecting the MIS (management information system) with prepress, press, and postpress equipment.

At Print China 2023, Komori will set up a Smart Factory in the booth and demonstrate both commercial and package printing. Visitors can take a look at the integrated production with all processes seamlessly connected and overall process productivity maximized. In addition, solutions that meet the needs of the Chinese market will be displayed in an easy to understand manner.

Komori Lithrone G44

Package Solutions

For the first time in China, Komori will highlight high productivity by exhibiting the Lithrone G44 advance, a unique 44-inch printing press (33” x 44” sheet size). Operability and production speed are very similar to that of the more common 40-inch sized machine, but because the sheet size is approximately 20% larger, more impositions are possible. This unique press is attracting attention as a strategic machine for improving productivity in the package printing market. During the printing demonstration, Komori will introduce its Smart Color printing technology that reproduces a wide colour gamut and includes many special colours, by using only the separations of the six colours of CMYK + orange and green. Since many special colours can be created on the press using separations, many ink colour unit changes can be eliminated, significantly reducing makeready time, reducing material waste, improving efficiency and overall productivity, and helping to address environmental issues. In addition, many high-value-added print samples will be on display, showing the additional benefit of the double coater configuration.

Komori Lithrone A37

Commercial Solutions

Possessing an overwhelming superiority in double-sided, one-pass printing and now being delivered worldwide, the Lithrone GX40RP advance will this time perform a printing demonstration using oil-based ink. Expect high-speed production printing of booklets and quick job changeovers. By linkage from printing to folding, high-speed folding by the MBO series and unmanned palletizing by the MBO CoBo-Stack will be shown. Live demos will give visitors a chance to experience the future image of the automated printing factory.

Flexible press for light and heavy stock Komori Nantong (KNT), Komori’s manufacturing facility in China, will exhibit and hold demonstrations of the Lithrone A37. In response to customer requests to print on heavy stock, Komori has evolved the A37 into a machine that can print on both thin and thick paper. In the demonstration, the press will be connected to KP-Connect to perform cardboard printing for package printing. Visitors can experience the capabilities of the Lithrone A37, which can handle a wide range of jobs from thin paper to thick paper with high quality.

Impremia IS29s, B2-size digital printing system

Exhibition Corner

The Sheetfed Offset Exhibition Corner features a special machine configuration specialized for high-end packaging with value-added printing. The Digital Printing Exhibition Corner features a sample display of the Impremia NS40, the pinnacle digital printing system made possible only by Komori, which can be called “digital offset” printing, along with the business model of the first overseas machine for Artron Art Group with videos. The business model of the Impremia IS29s, B2-size digital printing system will also be on display. The KP-Connect Corner, the core of Connected Automation, will introduce the role of KP-Connect in promoting digital transformation in the printing site with a short seminar. Various businesses of the Komori Group including SDG initiatives, Komori-Kare, currency printing, MBO postpress, and printed electronics, besides print sample displays will be the added attractions.

Komori is celebrating its 100th anniversary in October this year, and as part of the centennial celebrations, the Tokyo-headquartered company plans to use Print China 2023 as a platform to express gratitude for the continuous support from customers and for those who would be partners in the future.

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