Packaging Industry on the Rise in Egypt

Adel Abdel-Sadek, an Egyptian marketing expert, says that the technology for producing packaging materials for the pharmaceutical and food industries in Egypt has become pioneering, especially with the provision of 90 pharmaceutical and food factories with investments of 10 million pounds.

He added that the system of importing raw materials for manufacturing packaging materials and processed packaging has developed, and also the production of packages, bags, and packaging tools needed by about 90 pharmaceutical and food factories in Egypt.

It was also pointed out that the raw materials for the packaging industry for the pharmaceutical industries are not available in Egypt. The manufacturing projects are now being financed within the initiative to support small and medium enterprises, to help purchase machines, devices, and packaging materials that are medically treated, and to produce what the food and pharmaceutical companies need in Egypt, in addition to obtaining project classification certificates, dealing with government agencies, and enjoying tax incentives approved by the state for project owners.

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