How to Grow Custom Packaging Print Business with Ecommerce

Initially, the purpose of product packaging in the Retail Industry was as a layer of protection for safe deliveries of products. Then, it was also used as a product information source, further it was used as a branding element and recently, brands are using Product Packaging as a means of Purpose Marketing! To give you a quick understanding of Purpose Marketing, it is commonly referred to as social vision and in that, the brands are trying to align their company vision and mission with the new Internet Generation or that what we know as Gen Z.

For instance, Coca Cola is planning to release paper packaging for their beverages as an effort to make people understand that they are moving towards sustainable production and Hershey’s recently took a stand on women empowerment by renaming their name as “Her She” on all their products during women’s day week. What these brands are trying to do is rather big or small, they are making efforts to ensure that they take a stand on a cause that their customers can relate to and that is how companies are gaining brand loyalists.

Purpose Marketing and increasing demand of Custom Packaging:

With this emerging trend of purpose marketing and the need of using product packaging as a brand element, there has been a significant rise in the need for Custom Packing and with it, the demand of best packaging design software. With two defining factors that are branding and purpose marketing, brands are customizing their product packaging and are employing print packaging box design software for the same.

To help you better understand how custom packaging is used for branding and purpose marketing, below are the common use cases:

Use of custom packaging for Branding and purpose marketing:

1. Unique packaging design:

Just like their product design, many brands are personalizing their product packaging as well to create a distinct look for brand recognition purposes. While some come up with the unique shape of the box, some use a different colour of the box and many use unique packaging material.

Packaging design software tip:

To make optimum use of this purpose of branding, make sure that the online product packaging design solution that you use has different material, shape and design support. Whether you wish to use corrugated paper or wood or plastic material or you wish to include different colours for the lid or belly band, the software must enable you with optimum options to create a unique design that serves your purpose.

2. Marketing Omnipresence:

Recently, brands have been using all possible mediums to communicate with their customers about their approach and are aiming to provide integrated customer experiences over all the possible platforms. In that attempt, they are using product packaging to get their customer on their web platform or to the store! With the use of QR code integration and map locations, they are using their product packaging to drive their customers towards their online platforms such as websites or social media platforms.

Packaging design software tip:

An ideal web to print online designer provides various decorations options that you can use to include QR codes, texts, logos and other packaging options. Also, this software has clearly marked editable areas that brands can use to plan your packaging.

3. Personalized customer experiences:

There are many luxury and brands that are using their packaging as a medium to deliver personalized customer experiences to their customers! They use different packaging styles and notes to make their customers understand what they mean to the brand and they also use it to make customers understand their brand vision. Some brands also align QR codes on packages for personalized offers and discounts to their customers. This tactic is used for both branding and purpose marketing purposes.

Packaging design software tip:

To make sure that a brand can employ this strategy, they need packaging design software that not only helps them quickly design their packages with saved templates or default templates for quick designing, but they must also provide a print-ready output file that can ensure quick execution. Also, you must also make sure that the product packaging looks as expected with a realistic 360° rotating 3D view.

4. Unique Product packaging material and purpose messaging:

You might have noticed brands flaunting recently that the bags that they give to their customers are not made from plastic or that the product packaging material is reusable or bio-degradable. The rise in this trend is an attempt of brands to ensure that they communicate their environmental efforts with their customers. These small steps are taken to make sure that their customers are comfortable using their products and those they can be proud of the brand that they endorse.

Packaging design software tip:

To make sure that this works, you need an affordable, quick and easy solution. Thus, make sure that the software lets you save your templates, provides you with real-time customization quotations and lets you edit different materials and designs. Right from text to decoration to design to text, everything must be customizable to make sure that as a brand you get what you need!

Make sure that your effort of sustainable production is sustainable!

The trend of purpose marketing is here to stay and brands have to integrate some or more elements to make sure that they capture their potential target audience and secure their future as Gen Z will have the maximum purchasing power in the next decade or so! But, to make sure that your efforts do not overwhelm the production or increases the product cost, make sure that you employ strategies that are easily executable and ensure that you employ product packaging design software that empowers you with affordable, quick and easy custom packaging design.

Good luck!!

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