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Conventional offset printing and digital printing will continue to merge in the form of hybrid production systems

Manroland web system reiterated that as an integration partner, it connects the complete printing system with its core competences, folding technology and workflow networking. Each incoming print job is checked and assigned to the production unit where it can be produced most economically and efficiently. Digital printing and offset systems in any printing house can be integrated with new software products tailored to hybrid workflows, which control production planning, and automates and updates job scheduling. The company has structured its service offerings in three business fields: solutions, support and store.

“Conventional offset printing and digital printing will continue to merge in the form of hybrid production systems. Our strategy is clear – a further strengthening of our market leadership in web offset printing and further development of our digital printing business – and our mission is automation and networking. We are investing 7% of our turnover revenues from new machine sales into research and development,” says Alexander Wassermann, managing director of manroland web systems.

Compact newspaper press

The compact Geoman e:line was developed with a focus on economy, with short changeover times and inline control systems for the automatic control of quality in production runs. This makes it suited for medium-sized newspaper printing houses.

The principles of the Colorman e:line are now also used for the Geoman e:line: the press is adapted to individual requirements and the economic situation of the newspaper printer with different configuration packages. The infeed unit is integrated to the printing unit and therefore does not need a lot of space; as a result, building expanses and costs for air conditioning can be saved. Manroland web systems offers an upgradable automation degree with options like PPL, APL or plate lift for automatic changeovers.

Strong market position in China

The Chinese market for rotary presses is still one of the largest in the world today. China continues to play an important role in manroland web systems’ strategy. With a total of more than 60% market share for imported rotary press systems and almost 500 installed printing systems, the company is highly successful in the Chinese market. In order to strengthen the company’s presence and further expand its market position, manroland web systems opened its sales and service company manroland web printing equipment (Beijing) Co. Ltd. in China in April 2016.

Over the past few years manroland web systems served the Chinese market together with manroland (China) Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of manroland sheetfed GmbH that now belongs to the British company Langley and focuses mainly on sheetfed customers. Manroland web systems’ cooperation agreement with manroland sheetfed in China was recently dissolved through a mutual agreement and in favor of its own, new market organization. In the future, both now independent companies will concentrate on their own specific core competence.

“Considering that there is a very large installed base in the country and that despite the increase in difficulties in making new investments the past few years, Chinese customers will continue to invest in the key technological areas of web offset and digital printing, the logical action to establish an organization in China had been clear for a long time. And of course in the future there will be other changes to the Chinese economy towards a more qualitative growth. We want to ensure optimal support to our existing and new customers,” says Dr. Frank Tietsche, managing director of the new company and vice president sales at manroland web systems.

Revamped online store for spare and wear parts

Manroland has revamped its online store to meet demands of modern printing houses that require a flexible spare and wear part management with short response times. The manroland web store features a comprehensive product portfolio showing customers successor products, alternative and related products, different packaging units, additional accessories, and graduated prices. Many products also come with detailed descriptions, data sheets, pictures, animated drawings, and videos. The web store can be connected to the internal customer ordering and processing system, making all relevant data available directly in the customer-specific inventory control system.

“The customer sees the availability of selected products in the shopping cart in the manroland web store and can select partial delivery of the immediately available products, or wait for the complete delivery. For shipping, the customer can choose from various service providers, including DHL and FedEx. Each order is confirmed by e-mail; the separate shipping confirmation contains the tracking number,” explains Alexander Wachter, vice president sales & service support, manroland web systems.

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