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Canon Emirates Targets Vertical Industries With Managed Print Services

Canon Emirates in association with IDC hosted a seminar at Burj Al Arab for C-level delegates that discussed about the benefits of Managed Print Services (MPS). According to a study by Gartner, organisations can save up to 30% of print related costs with effectively managed print services. Canon has been helping business to achieve record savings through MPS, which allows an organisation to take control of their print operations and helps them from incurring escalating printing costs.

“Organisations increasingly understand the benefits that can be achieved by outsourcing the management of their print services to a specialist third party. The management of print services (MPS) is an effective way to lower print costs, heighten productivity and improve the security of business-critical information,” said Naoshi Yamada, Deputy Managing Director, Canon Middle East.

“Canon Managed Print Services (MPS) proactively ensures that an organisation’s printer fleet is managed the way it is to be – profitably and flexibly. MPS is also instrumental in achieving operational efficiency, meet compliance targets and reduce the organisation’s carbon footprint. Thus at the end, they not only help businesses save costs but also can help businesses meet their corporate social responsibility objectives too. Our customers are increasingly seeing the value Canon Emirates can contribute to their enterprise in addition to providing innovative print solutions,” said Shadi Bakhour, General Manager, Canon Emirates. Canon’s managed print service enables organisations to achieve significant cost savings and improvements in workforce productivity through expert print and information management consultancy.

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