AMS Spectral UV Introduces New LED Curing Technology

Baldwin Technology Company Inc. and its connected companies, AMS Spectral UV®, Baldwin Vision Systems and Ahlbrandt exhibited at the first ever virtual.drupa, using the platform to launch its brand new LED curing solution, demonstrated its latest inspection system, and showcased a range of other technologies from its comprehensive portfolio.

On the opening day of this landmark virtual event, AMS Spectral UV unveiled its new XP Quatro Series™ LED-UV Curing Module. This latest innovation offers a range of new capabilities to increase productivity, maximize output, and access curing at unbeatable speeds, harnessing double the power of standard LED curing solutions.

Available from AMS Spectral UV®, the new XP Quatro Series™ LED-UV Curing Module is designed to cure LED-formulated printing inks and coatings on sheetfed and web offset printing presses, or larger-format flexo and rotogravure presses and digital print engines, and is suitable for a wide variety of industrial UV curing processes.

Utilizing numerous new market-leading features and patented technology, the XP Quatro Series™ LED-UV Curing Module provides unprecedented system flexibility and reliability. Hosting two large, high-performance LED UV arrays, the Quatro Series delivers double the available power of a standard LED solution at a lower cost than two individual lamps. These features now enable customers to integrate the technology into virtually any analog or digital printing or production process with ease, further increasing print quality while operating at top industrial speeds – driving increased productivity and profitability.


Cool Phase™ – Dual-pass, high-flow water-cooling system keeps the entire module at the optimal temperature while operating

Extendable Profile™ – Can be built to any length, providing seamless gap-free curing

Quick Mount™ – Universal T-slot mounting rails provide quick mounting to a variety of machinery, making units easy to service

Dura Connect™ – Industrial strength water and electrical connections for extreme product reliability and reduced downtime and associated costs

Chip Connect™ – Allows sectional control and the ability to easily upgrade or replace LED chips

Peak Optics™ – Allow for mounting the module at different distances from the substrate while still achieving a secure cure at the highest intensities available

The new XP Quatro Series™ LED-UV Curing Module supports a wide variety of substrates including micro-thin shrink films, corrugated materials, cardboard, paper and metal.

Carsten Barlebo, VP of International Sales at AMS Spectral UV, comments, “We are extremely excited to preview the XP Quatro Series at virtual.drupa – not only is it a game changing solution in its ability to cure the broadest range of inks and coatings at the highest production speeds, but it demonstrates the strength of R&D and spirit of innovation, as well as the commitment to market needs that underpins our business. Given the world economy today and the multiple challenges our customers face, we believe that our new solution will provide a much-needed competitive edge.”

“The Quatro is unique in the LED UV curing industry, notably also in its ability to combine multiple output wavelengths into a single, powerful dose delivery of light” added Michael Derrick, Director of Operations and Key Accounts. “In the past, multiwave blending was compromised by reduced intensities and dose. In the Quatro architecture, adopters can take advantage of new, more powerful combinations of LED curing wavelengths at 365nm, 385/395nm and higher, depending on the needs of their adhesive, coating or ink formulation.”

Richard Bennett, President of AMS Spectral UV, comments: “We are delighted that the industry can be reunited once again at virtual.drupa. While not together in a physical sense, we hope that the show’s schedule and unique features will allow for meaningful education and dialogue with the market, from which to share knowledge as well as demonstrate compelling technologies, such as our own XP Quatro Series, that will ultimately benefit the industry and its long-term success.

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