Xerox Organizes Digital Printing Training Program In Collaboration With PETRA

As part of its commitment to corporate social responsibility and under the title of “Digital Printing Insight Program”, Xerox Egypt established a vocational training program in collaboration with PETRA Skills and Training Center, which is affiliated to the Chamber of Printing and Packaging Industries.

Petra Center is an Enterprise Training Partnership (ETP), which was established under the Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) reform program.

Through such partnership, Xerox Egypt’s comprehensive vocational training program aimed to enhance the capabilities of employees working in the digital printing sector in Greater Cairo. This comes as part of Xerox’s corporate social responsibility which plans to focus on developing youth’s skills and educating them to reach the ultimate goal of contributing to the development of the printing sector in Egypt and therefore the society at large.

Through the “Digital Printing Insight Program”, 25 young men and women, benefited from Xerox’s comprehensive vocational training. The trainees were selected from 30 print shops and had never received any prior technical or theoretical training in digital printing. During 24 intensive sessions, the trainees were introduced to the features of digital printing devices and how to deal with them professionally on contrary of what they used to learn which was mainly through attempts and error or through conveying experiences from senior employees.

To maximize the benefit from such training program, three complimentary workshops were provided, which included: a soft skill workshop, a technical training workshop, and a practical training workshop.

The theoretical training workshop was conducted under the leadership of  Dr. George Nubar, printing expert and Vice dean for post graduate studies and researches of the Faculty of Applied Arts Helwan University, where he addressed the innovative uses of digital printers that can be pointed out and the different applications that can be performed using digital printing. This was followed by a practical training on Xerox’s C75 digital press.

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