Xerox “Drive For Digital” Focuses On Change

Xerox’s “Drive for Digital”, recently held in Dubai aims to be a tool for change in the industry. The pace of change provides many opportunities for those prepared to embrace it. 

Xerox asserts that it believes it has a role to play in fostering this change, by using a range of technologies to improve efficiencies, manage information more usefully and communicate ideas more effectively. 

One of the ways Xerox is doing this is by organizing free educational and idea-sharing forums that bring together diverse organizations, to discuss the impacts of emerging technologies and what profitable business models could look like in the future.

“These workshops aim to help both commercial and digital printers, increase profits, reduce inefficiencies, and expand product and services capabilities. We want to help the attendees focus more and more on education and financial services sector,” said John Paul Teti, Manager, Production Technology, Xerox MiddleEast and Africa.  

Peter Muir, President of Bizucate Inc., conducted a workshop at the event on ‘The Six Focus Areas of a More Successful Business’. “The management of a business directly impacts its profitability. By highlighting the focussed areas, businesses can work to create a well-rounded, workable model for success,” advised Peter Muir.

“While technology is important, so is the understanding of using it to maximize its value to an organization. This involves understanding business requirements, market trends, customers, workflow, sales, products and much more,” he added.

Advancements in data management technologies and digital output systems have created an opportunity to customise all content to a specific user.  It’s all consumer led. Sharing about its importance Xerox emphasised that content management and composition software tools facilitate the creation of customized communications.

Talking about the challenges in the Middle East, James Kelly, Director-Sales Operations said “Market here has been really slow, we need to improve, educate people about the benefits of cross media, improve our communication with customers and advertising agencies.”

Xerox further believes that organisations these days are far more discerning. They carefully examine what they are being sold to ensure it conforms to their requirements. Additionally, they need to understand whether they can count on their partners –technology or otherwise – to support their businesses as they change and thus looking for a technology partner is even more challenging.

To stay competitive, organizations need to make the most of their resources which means enhancing productivity and eliminating needless or cumbersome parts of their business processes.

The event demonstrated the importance of organizational adaptability and reiterated how choosing the right technologies and the partner can benefit an organization.



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