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King Fahad Complex Prints Quran In Braille

King Fahad Complex’s new Braille printing division recently concluded printing operation of Holy Quran for visually impaired. The announcement was made by Dr. Nasser Ali Moosa who also added,” The holy Quran in Braille will be distributed free of charge to visually impaired inside KSA and abroad as well as libraries and institutions that aim to serve blind Muslims throughout the world.  Our objective in King Fahad Complex is to serve the needs of all Muslims throughout the world including visually impaired.”  

Dr. Ali Moosa also said that there are millions of blind people such as mosque imams, teachers and students who are eager to read Quran in Braille. Therefore the complex will carry out its responsibilities to print the Holy Quran in Braille. New editions will be printed in order to meet the demands of colleges and institutions that are involved in teaching and training of visually impaired Muslims.

The new Braille printing division was established in December 2012. Following a thorough and comprehensive study which included a visit to top Braille printing equipment manufacturers in Europe, King Fahad Complex took delivery of the state-of –the – art Braille printing equipment for the first time. It’s worth mentioning that King Fahad Complex printed 1.8 million copies of Holy Quran during Hajj Pilgrimage.  

If you are interested to receive a free copy just send a fax to 0114888311 or 0114820562.

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