Voice of Cairo Plans to Set up a New Printing Press

The Voice of Cairo for Audio & Visual has decided to establish a new printing press to develop their financial resources. Saad Abbas, president of the company’s board said in a press statement that the new printing press will be equipped to meet all the print requirements of their radio and television sectors.

The new printing press will be helpful in curbing the printing expenses of the company and will provide new employment opportunities. The Voice of Cairo is also thinking of publishing and printing a newspaper in the near future by using the printing facility.

The decision was announced after the visit of Salah Abdel Maqsoud, Minister of Information, to the Voice of Cairo. During his visit, the Minister stressed that in order to reap more revenue; the Voice of Cairo should enrich its structure by entering into new ventures including establishment of a printing facility. He added that the coordination with broadcasting department will broaden Voice of Cairo’s revenue resources.


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