The First Banking App For Google Glass

The Saudi Investment Bank “SAIB” has created an app that allows customers to locate the nearest branch and ATM using their Google Glass.

The Saudi Investment Bank “SAIB”, with a network of branches across GCC has announced the availability of its wearable Google Glass App in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Catching up with the latest technology to provide its customers in all segments, SAIB has come up with the latest user-friendly solutions while rolling out the first banking app for Google Glass within the region.

The app welcomes users with an opening message. Users can search for the nearest branch of SAIB, and be supplied with their distance from it, the direction in which to travel and a contact telephone number. It also has the ability to locate the nearest ATM by integrating Google Maps. Flexx Call feature allows users to make instant calls to reach the bank’s customer service and receive immediate help. Users can also view prayer times and locate Qibla direction by the ease of using this app.

SAIB’s GM of IT & Shared Services Soliman Alobaid stated that “SAIB will continue to come up with the most convenient solutions for their customers by following up with the latest technological developments. Our innovative development plans for electronic services has taken off by developing E-Flexx Channels. Several Flexx E-Channels has also been integrated into our Google Glass App. In order to provide the expected technological changes in banking industry, we are always in search for ‘something innovative in technology for the comfort of our customers.”

The announcement comes right after the public release of Google Glass and in the wake of SAIB’s Flexx E-Channels Program. Any SAIB customer can use the SAIB Google Glass App and they can easily manage it through voice & motion controls.

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