The First Agfa Jeti1224 LFP Installs In Ivory Coast

Inova Spring recently invested in the first AGFA JETI1224 HDC in the Ivory Coast. The deal will increase productivity and quality, so that they can upkeep themselves in this competitive market.

AGFA JETI1224HDC flatbed printer has 20Richo Gen 4 piezoele heads, and print resolutions up to 1200 dpi with maximum size of 2.43 x 1.21m and thickness of 5 cm. It can print on different materials such as reinforced vinyl, pressure sensitive vinyl, canvas, fabrics, foamboard, corrugated board, lenticular, tile, drywall, glass, sheet metal, paper and more with a printing speed that can reach up to 91 m2 per hour.

Explaining the deal to ME Printer Degnon Yebe Romaric, Manager, Inova Spring said “ The deal is gainful because the price charged is quite economical and the quality and speed of the machine are much more than expected.” He added “I cannot afford to have any machine idle for more than half a day, and thus I chose AGFA-they have a highly reliable technical service in Abidjan.”

Talking about the printing business in the Ivory Coast, he explained that the printing business is booming, since the advent of digital printing. The digital market is shared by six companies and Inova Spring has 30% to his credit.

Inova spring is a printing company launched in 2008. It deals with interior and exterior design, facade cladding and vehicle branding to list a few.

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