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Tetra Pak Forges Co-packing Initiative with Al Rabie, Alssad

Food processing and packaging solutions major Tetra Pak has announced a collaboration with Saudi Arabia’s Al Rabie – Tetra Pak’s biggest customer in the Greater Middle East and Africa – and Iraq’s Alssad Company. The decision was made during Gulfood 2024 in Dubai, promising to address the pressing food security challenges in Iraq.

The strategic partnership is geared towards meeting Iraq’s escalating F&B demands among a rising population, which, according to the UN’s Population Division, grew at a rate of 2.27% in 2023. The collaborative effort has set an ambitious target of producing 50 million packaged beverages, encompassing both family and portion packs, to meet the current needs of the population.

The initiative, set to launch in the second quarter of 2024, will enable the partners to deliver an end-to-end solution for the production of JNSD (Juice-Nectar-Still Drink), and dairy products. Utilising Tetra Pak’s state-of-the-art equipment and expertise, Al Rabie’s products will be co-packed at Alssad’s facility in Baghdad. This collaboration is poised to bring diversification to the Iraqi market, effectively addressing the evolving needs of consumers and ultimately contributing to the well-being of the local population.

Bassem Sabra, CEO at Al Rabie Saudi Foods Co. Ltd., speaks about the initiative, “The prospect of expanding into Iraq through our partnership with Tetra Pak, our trusted four-decade collaborators, and Alssad, experts in the Iraqi F&B industry, is truly invigorating for Al Rabie. We are pleased to provide Iraqi consumers with our high-quality products, addressing their diverse needs through this impactful venture.”

Ghassan Sabeeh, Managing Partner at Alssad, says, “We take great pride in this project that will not only bring a variety of F&B products to Iraqi consumers but also play a crucial role in addressing food security in Iraq. This collaboration signifies a commitment to the well-being of the Iraqi population.”

Niels Hougaard, Managing Director Tetra Pak Arabia Area & Tetra Pak Export, adds, “We see firsthand the power of meaningful collaboration, and at Tetra Pak, we believe in our transformative potential to make safe food available everywhere. The partnership we forged with Al Rabie and Alssad is going to allow us to address a critical challenge, and we hope to set an example for companies across industries to come together and align efforts toward realising the UN SDGs. By working collaboratively, we not only advance our collective goals but also ensure the well-being of populations, such as in Iraq, as we strive to create a sustainable and nourished future for all”.

By combining Tetra Pak’s global expertise, Al Rabie’s quality products, and Alssad’s local knowledge, the transformative co-packing initiative aims to go beyond business; it’s about providing nourishment, fostering sustainability, and meeting the present needs of Iraq while contributing to a more resilient and brighter future.

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