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Sustainable innovation that focuses on ecology, economy, and convenience

Agfa Graphics underlined its commitment to sustainable innovation that focuses on ecology, economy, and extra convenience, coined ECO³ aiming at the development of cleaner and cost-effective solutions that are easier to operate and maintain, both for chemistry-free and for conventional plate systems.

Energy Elite Eco is a printing plate that eliminates the need for any pre- or post-baking. Its technology also features high sensitivity for future-proof compatibility with all high-speed thermal platesetters. The plate offers a run length of up to 600,000 prints (or up to 150,000 copies using UV ink) for a variety of applications and print conditions. Even in harsh environments, it affords photorealistic imaging quality, supporting up to 340lpi Sublima and FM10 screening technologies. Energy Elite Eco provides printers with consistent results at 1-99% dot resolution, without dot loss. 

The new Agfa Graphics Arkana smart processor features a small developer tank, drastically lowering the replenishment rates and considerably reducing the use of chemicals. In addition by deploying Agfa Graphics’ patented gum cascade system, Arkana no longer requires water for plate rinsing. Instead, the cascaded gum has a dual function, cleaning the plate and protecting the plate with a finishing layer.

The Energy Elite Eco plate is compatible with all standard processing equipment, yet performs optimally in combination with the advanced Arkana smart processor.

High imaging speed at low drum rotation velocity

Agfa Graphics has added the Avalon N8-90 to its family of computer-to-plate systems. The new Avalon N8-90 model for the 8-up or B1 market comes in three different speed options (E, S, and XT). Its engines are equipped with the latest GLV (Grating Light Valve) imaging technology, featuring both the GLV and a solid-state diode bar and up to 1024 beams in the XT model. The Avalon N8 series is compatible with all thermal plates from Agfa Graphics. To reach a throughput speed of 70 plates per hour, printers can combine the Avalon N8-90 XT with Agfa Graphics’ Energy Elite printing plates. According to Agfa, the Avalon N8-90 XT is the fastest thermal drum CtP on the market.

The entry-level Avalon B8 manual thermal platesetter system, now also introduced to the European market, comes in two versions: Avalon B8-24 S and Avalon B8-24 XT. Both models combine manual plate loading with pre-staging. All Avalon platesetters integrate with Agfa Graphics’ PDF-based Apogee workflow to provide automated plate production control for commercial, packaging and publishing printing business.

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