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Rise of New Industries In Middle East Accelerated The Demand For Labels

OMET one of the leading manufacturers of the narrow web presses in the world is quite aware of the huge potential for label industry in the region The Company recently appointed Printech Middle East as its distributor in the Gulf region to intensify its activities. Paolo Grasso, area manager of OMET says that the rise of new industries has accelerated the demand for labels and packaging products. “A lot of new industries have moved into this region, and this has automatically pushed the demand for labels. Apart from that we are also witnessing a decline in commercial printing and more and more printers are entering the business of labels and packaging seeking diversification.”

Omet is also well known for its tissue converting equipment, however according to Paolo Middle East is not an ideal market for Omet’s converting equipment. “In tissue converting, our focus is primarily on table napkins and in Middle East the demand is more for pop up facial tissues, and currently we are not into that sector,” explains Paolo.

Omet is now distributed and represented by Printech Middle East. Reasoning the switch, Paolo said, “We were looking for a more focused team, a company that is more involved in the narrow web label business. With our current agreement, Printech will represent us in Gulf regions including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait.”

Printech ME, being already very active as a partner to the label industry, was missing the link-point with a label press. Now joining forces with OMET will give a further strength to the technical approach of Printech to the local label industry.

He added, “Our Company is actively present in the region since the last 10 years and so far we have installed 3 machines in Dubai, with a fourth one to be delivered in May. We are also expecting another installation to be completed by this May, in Oman.”

Intricacies of Label Business

According to Paolo, Omet follows two principal strategies; the first is to produce machines that require minimal human handling and the second is to reduce wastage. Explaining more on their technologies, he said, “During drupa 2012 we showcased the VARYFLEX V2 press, which can combine different processes with maximum operational efficiency. A great advantage of Omet is that our presses are modular, so at any given point the manufacturer can integrate additional features into the press.”

He opined that with the increasing demand for packaging, label industry is witnessing a growth like never before. “Omet is probably one of the few companies offering machines that can handle 850 mm of web widths. Currently our primary focus is to be successful on short and micro runs, as the competition has become more intense now.”

The company, which has a clientele in over 70 countries worldwide, exports 90% of its equipment. “Our machines are capable to handle thinner materials, shorter web paths, have intelligent register systems and require minimal human intervention.  As a machine manufacturer, we are working to produce machines with perfect registration that will allow printers to produce labels with high security features.”

While talking about the latest trends in the industry, he observed, “The runs are coming down in label industry as well. In this region, manufacturers have still not been able to reduce their run lengths; while in Europe we can have 30 kg of printed film in the minimum order quantity.”

Regional Flavor

This year, Omet will be participating along with Printech ME at Gulf Print & Pack 2013, where top executives will be available to discuss company’s activities with the visitors.  Paolo said, “For the past 50 years, Omet has grown in a very sturdy way. We have about 210 people working for us and our healthy financial results reveal our strength in the industry.”

He added, “Two years back we sold one of the biggest presses manufactured by Omet to a Chinese manufacturer. It had 21 units, which included water based flexo, UV flexo, UV offset and inkjet. Our machines are very flexible and it gives immense opportunities to the label and packaging manufacturers.”


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