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Bahraini Entrepreneur Launches “Print ME”

October saw the launch of the first project of its kind in Bahrain, “Print Me”, funded and managed by Ignite Marketing and Technology Company.

The “Print Me” project offers a unique digital shopping experience that serves the younger generation in particular, as it enables users to add their own design to more than 60 products.

The most distinctive feature of the “Print Me” project is the high quality of printing and the speed of delivery, where you can design your own products very easily, pay by electronic means and then deliver the product within three hours only.

The man behind the project is Ahmed Al-Serafy, CEO of the company. “We our first project, Ignite, five years ago and we achieved huge response, while at the same time we gained deep knowledge about technology and digital solutions. We felt it was the time now to use this valuable experience and integrate our brand into a new modern idea that will leave its impact on everyone’s daily life.”

“Print Me” offers a variety of products and services such as printing of paintings, wallpaper, phone covers, hats, mugs, T-shirts and more.

The project’s website also offers a variety of online services to business owners and companies including online ordering of brochures, business cards, marketing collaterals, certificates and more.

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