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A Glimmer of Publishing Hope in War Torn Syria

Despite the war and the siege, The Syrian Book Authority published 138 book editions since the beginning of the year

Since the beginning of the year, the Syrian General Book Authority has issued 220 books in the fields of literature, arts, translation, children’s literature, research and political thought, as well as participating in a number of exhibitions in various governorates.

Despite the lockdown measures and the devastation caused by the ongoing war in Syria, the Directorate of Printing Press has continued to issue books, magazines and periodicals dealing with various fields of creativity distinguished in quantity and quality.

Anas Al-Hassan, Director of Printing in an interview with “SANA” News Agency explained scarcity of most of the printing materials due to the unfair coercive measures imposed on Syria and the few number of employees of the Directorate of Printing. Other challenges including lack of funding and equipment undermine the huge efforts that are being made by the directorate to publish books and disseminate knowledge.

The shortage of printing inks and high price of paper has led to dawdling number of color printing. On the other hand, shortage of skilled labor is another obstacle for mass production of books in Syria. However, a directorate is planning to recruit young professional technical people who can replace the retired and veteran printing industry professionals.

Directorate of Printing was established in 2006 as a nonprofit organization in response to demand for production of books at competitive prices and dissemination of knowledge and culture across Syria.

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