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Push To Improve Print Quality In Nigeria

The Managing Director, Pumoh Prints Concept Limited, Mrs. Umoh Adingwupu has called on Nigerian printers to improve the quality of their products in order to stem the trend whereby Nigerian companies take their printing jobs overseas.

Adingwupu made the call at the unveiling of her company’s multi million naira state-of-the-art printing equipment in Lagos recently. She lamented the huge funds Nigerian organisations spend overseas just to print their work instead of patronising Nigerian printers.

She explained that printers in the country can make these Nigerian organisations stop patronising companies overseas by improving their products and by procuring the latest printing machines and employing skilled manpower.

She observed that most companies in the Nigeria take their printing work outside the country in due to lack of quality and professionalism in the printing community stating that with the acquisition of the new equipment, the company is poised to churn out quality and affordable printing second to none.

“The Last time we valued the acquisition of the equipment is close to a billion naira. What we noticed in the printing environment that made us to go into printing is that what major companies do is to take their printing work outside or probably that they can’t get the quality here in Nigeria. We now told ourselves that we can do this here in Nigeria, people don’t have to go outside the shores of Nigeria to get quality print, so we decided to establish this press.

“It is when we have good leaders in Nigeria that everything could go on very well. Like now in the printing world, one of the customs is the use of diesel, we spend so much money on diesel. But when the leadership is right, and there is stability of power, I believe that even the small business will really grow,” Adingwupu said.

Adingwupu said Pumoh print concept limited is a one stop shop for printing, where the quality and cost is very friendly, and competitive, stating that Nigerians should stop going outside the country for their printing work and patronise indigenous businesses.

She also spoke on why small and medium enterprises are not so successful in the country, remarking that the slow level of growth of the sector could be attributed to years of neglect and bad leadership in the Nigeria.

According to her, the small and medium enterprise in the country would do well if the right infrastructures are put in place for them to thrive, adding that when the leadership is right, and there is stability of power, even the small businesses will grow.

Earlier, in his address the Chairman, Pumoh Prints Concept Limited, Paul Adingwupu stated that the company was setup primarily to raise the standard of printing, publishing and other allied services in Nigeria.

He said the company has one of the most advanced computerised numerical control print technology from Kodak and Heidelberg, with technical support services that ranks among the best globally.

“Our equipments are capable of producing large quality, vibrant and rich coloured prints. Here at Pumoh Prints Concept Limited, we carry out our work with speed and precision,” he said.

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