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Prestige Graphics Trading Bets High On Komori’s HUV Technology

Prestige Graphics Trading participated at the Gulf Print and Pack 2015 where they represented a premium brand like Komori. Jabbir Jabbar, the Director at Prestige Graphics shares his experience about the revival of the printing industry in the Middle East and benefits of Komori’s HUV technology.    

Printing industry has seen revival in the past few years especially in the Middle East. Jabbir Jabar expects things to improve with time. “I think all printers in UAE would agree that, while quite tumultuous, the print industry has seen a steady recovery since the debt crisis of 2009. We were all forced to take a hard look at our operations and have emerged stronger. Rather than the panic-stricken patching of 2010 and 2011, most of us are working towards a consolidation of our manufacturing and positioning towards greater strength in the future,” said Jabbar.

Prestige has promoted Komori’s HUV technology extensively. Jabbar stated, “It is in this scenario that Komori’s HUV technology has been thriving. Most readers are probably well aware of advantages of the quick-drying technology. Komori has always claimed about the increased productivity through immediate processing of printed sheets, superb dot reproduction and ease of printing without alcohol and spray-powder. Komori has shown and proven the significant savings achievable by moving from printers’ practise of using sealant on every job for protection to simple HUV printed four-colour work. These features are evident and objectively attractive.”

But the Middle East’s printers are not so easily swayed. While the promise of more efficient printing is enticing, it was the added benefits that attracted them to HUV technology. One of their customer’s, Mr. Zayed Bin Shams of Printwell Printing Press said, “The Komori machine was able to handle every material we could think of throwing at it. The Komori staff even managed to impress us when we gave them a surprise job on difficult-to-feed substrate”. The staff of Printwell Printing Press was amazed by the easy handling of difficult-to-feed substrates and the printing quality achieved on them. The patented HUV ink cures directly on the surface which has the dual benefit of printing on non-absorbent material and maintaining luster on absorbent material by avoiding dry-back.

 Another customer was Mr. Venu of Dar Al Fajr Printing Press. He said, “We were excited by the different special effects that we were able to achieve in a single pass using just different combinations of ink andvarnish. Seeing all the added-value that we can offer our customers is what pushed us to be the first in UAE to choose HUV for our printing expansion.

HUV is our major weapon in the world of premium printing and luxury packaging.” Combining the easy handling of special hard-to-handle substrates, printing on them without coating is where Komori’s HUV system has been able to shine. The printers are excited to be able to show off what they can do and bring a higher level of printing to their customers.

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