NDIGITEC renews ties with BOBST in the Middle East

NDIGITEC, the leading UAE-based creative production company, reinforced its ties with BOBST at the Gulf Print &Pack 2017 exhibition. “NDIGITEC’s pre-press operation is one of the few in the Gulf region that can produce the high definition flexo plates that unlock the full potential of the advanced BOBST high speed flexographic presses,” says Hagop Tavitian, BOBST-Lyon Export Manager for Africa and the Middle East region.

NDIGITEC produces plates for customers working in the label, corrugated and flexible packaging markets and has over 50% market share in the UAE and Gulf region. NDIGITEC uses digital flexo plate making equipment from leading global flexo pre-press software and digital plate making equipment suppliers from across the world. NDIGITEC is the first trade house in the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) area to be awarded full HD Flexo Certification by Esko. This marks the highest quality standard for digital plate making.

Investment in technology and skill sets has enabled NDIGITEC to deliver the highest resolution digital flexo plates with unpreceded levels of quality for the region. It can make flexo plates up to 50 x 80 inches to suit wide format flexible packaging and corrugated printers.

BOBST is one of the world’s leading suppliers of equipment and services to packaging and label manufacturers in the folding carton, corrugated board and flexible materials industries. With their varied repeat lengths and medium to super-wide printing widths, BOBST CI flexo presses meet the requirements of the most demanding package printing applications.

“BOBST works closely with NDigitec Prepress in the GCC region,” says Hagop Tavitian. “Our flexo-printing presses can make the best use of the FullHD Flexo plates that NDIGITEC produces.”

Shahe Kavlakian, Executive Manager of NDIGITEC Prepress, says:“Many of our customers who have BOBST flexo corrugated press or F&K CI Flexo machine users ask for NDigitec Prepress plates for the best quality output. We produce high standard Full HD Digital Flexo plates with centralized quality control across all our branches. We combine our skills and expertise to add immense value to our customers all over the region. Our deep understanding in the technology of prepress ensures flawless results in the flexo presses.”

NDIGITEC prepress solutions range from providing Digital Flexo plates for corrugated boxes, flexible packaging including retail and shopping bags, food and hygiene bags and sacks, milk and beverage cartons, flexible plastics, self-adhesive labels, disposable cups and containers. NDIGITEC Prepress solutions also include online reprographics, PDF files ready to engrave, customized prepress consultancy services and more. NDIGITEC has integrated the latest products and services to drive profitability in the packaging and printing supply chain by reducing time-to-market and raising productivity.

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