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Miyakoshi Unveils Digital Press for Flexible Packaging

Digital is making its presents felt in all sectors of printing industry. The Japanese manufacturer, Miyakoshi recently introduced an all new digital press for flexible packaging market.

The press is targeted for printing food packaging using water based inks. According to the company the machine is ideal for printing a variety of small jobs with demand bases on one single web with the added advantage of minimizing inventories and waste to achieve sustainable goals.

Machine’s maximum print width is 750 mm and it runs at the maximum speed of 50 meter per minute. Being a digital machine Miyakoshi’s latest press dubbed as MJP30AXF needs no make ready time and zero prepress operation. It prints at a respectable resolution of 1200×1200 dpi using state- of-the- art inkjet printhead technology. The machine prints 5 color (CMYK + WW) and boasts automatic registration control and missing nozzle compensation which result in error free printing.

Miyakoshi claims printing cost with MJP30AXF is low mainly due to use of water based inks. The press is ideal for printing variable data on packaging including QR codes as well as security printing features and job tracking data. However, to add these features optional software must be installed.

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