HP Introduces PP Material for 3D Printing Market

HP is delivering a first of its kind Polypropylene (PP) material for additive manufacturing. The new HP 3D High Reusability PP,enabled by BASF, is a versatile, durable, and chemically resistantmaterial that has been qualified for HP’s production-grade 3D printing systems,and it is targeted for customers in the automotive, consumer, industrial, and medical sectors seeking an optimal balance between performance and cost. HP also unveiled a new partnership with Oechsler, the global design and manufacturing player, to develop applications for both the new PP and HP’s broader materials portfolio, as well as new customer Cobra Golf for its Metal Jet 3D printing technology. 

“The response to the COVID-19 crisisis a watershed moment for the industry. HP and its partners have 3D printed more than 2.3 million parts to bridge supply chain gaps, enable local production, and help healthcare professionals on the front lines,”said Ramon Pastor, Interim President of 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing, HP Inc.“As we navigate this new landscape, wecontinue to exec

ute on our strategy and pushinnovative new 3D printing materials, solutions, and partnerships forward to help our customers re-open manufacturing and deliver disruptive innovation for the world’s industries.”

Polypropylene is a versatile material ideal for a wide range of automotive, consumer, industrial, and medical applications.

Developed in partnership with BASF for HP’s Jet Fusion 5200 3D Series, the new PP delivers high productivity and minimizeswaste for industrial-level

manufacturing. In addition to breakthrough economics and performance, the new PP helps reduce waste by enabling up to 100% reusability of surplus powder.

HP is jointly developing entirely new PP applications with partners, parts providers, and customers including Extol, specializing in plastics engineering and innovation with industry leading plastic assembly technology, custom automation, and engineering services; GKN Powder Metallurgy/Forecast 3D, a provider of advanced industrial 3D printing, short-run manufacturing, and high-volume production;Henkel, a leader of high-impact adhesives and engineering solutions;Oechsler, a leading additive manufacturing parts provider; and Prototal, one of Europe’s most experienced parts manufacturers.

HP and Its partners to host“The Next Step in Digital Manufacturing” digital event

Together with SME,HP is hosting a fully digital  “The Next Step in Digital Manufacturing” experience on June 4 at 8 a.m. PST. The interactive webinar will feature more than 15 sessions providing deep insight from HP and its global network of partners including industrial leaders BASF, Oechsler, and dozens of customers across industries.

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