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Integration of gravure and digital printing is inevitable

Cerutti Packaging Equipment showcased its rotogravure presses for packaging and specialty printing, in addition to its full range of converting, finishing, and die cutting equipment. The message highlighted was that the packaging industry continues to grow irrespective of changes in consumption and consumer spending patterns and that customization and automation are more important than ever.

As emerging economies offer new opportunities for industrial investments in the printing industry, Cerutti’s strategy has also changed; focusing on research and expansion of products related to ‘specialties’ with higher added value and growth potential (such as security printing, tipping paper and transfer paper for the fashion industry) and on converting, which follows the printing operation for every gravure, flexo or digital technology.

“It’s too early to say whether the rotogravure, flexography, offset, or digital is the future of the converting industry. The flexography vs gravure debate continues in Europe, but we need to look at the integration of different technologies, whether it’s a combination of gravure or flexo and digital printing in order to offer the best value to our customers. There’s a race to cut costs across the entire supply chain. Therefore, we’re employing the best technologies to increase flexibility and automation, while reducing costs and energy consumption,” observes Arturo Bergamaschino, executive board member, Cerutti Packaging Equipment.

“Packaging requirements are now dictated by marketing activities, which demand the flexibility of variable data printing. Packaging formats, particularly in food and grocery, are becoming smaller targeting singles and health conscious consumers. New consumption trends give rise to new marketing tactics that involve packaging innovation to reach communicate more effectively through colors, graphics, personalized messages, barcodes, and QR codes, offering brands an edge over their competition while influencing buying decisions in stores. This can be achieved only with the true integration of gravure and digital technologies,” adds Costanza Cerutti, marketing and communications manager, Cerutti Packaging Equipment.

Trolley-type gravure press for job change-over flexibility

The R98X is a trolley type gravure press, to minimize machine downtime and personnel required for off-line setting and during job change-over. The gravure trolley carries the printing cylinder (bearing fitted to the printing unit side frames) and complete inking system, including ink pan(s), ink splash guards, ink tank with pump. The trolley replacement is carried out by a single operator because of a servo mechanism. The same trolley allows the semi-automatic change-over of the printing cylinder only (no bearings and bearing housings are needed); the inking system only; and both printing cylinder and inking system at the same time (ink tank on board of the trolley).

Trolley-type gravure press for carton board printing

The R983 enables quick job change-over with its specialized gravure trolley. The gravure trolley carries the printing cylinder with with bearings and bearing housings and complete inking system including ink pan(s), ink splash guards, ink tank with pump. The trolley replacement is carried out by a single operator because of a servo mechanism, pneumatically operated. The press is available in the following versions: reel to reel (with creasing and punching subunits for liquid packaging); reel to sheeter; and reel to die cutter (rotary – flat bed).

Entry level press for flexible packaging

The R1081 is marketed as off-the-shelf solution for flexible packaging. The trolley carries the printing cylinder and inking system. Both of them can be loaded and removed from the printing unit side-frames simultaneously.

The automatic register control equipment, viscosity controls, camera web viewing system, corona treatment station, LEL control system (option) are fully integrated in the press functions and controls. The ‘air chuck’ version is available for flexible material printing.

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