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HP and KSA Authorities Fighting Against Counterfeit Goods

Inks are life blood of any printing operation and during the recent period. HP’s anti-counterfeiting and fraud teams in the Middle East continue to seize and confiscate counterfeit print supplies, and in August 2020, Saudi Customs stopped an illegal cross-border trade in counterfeit HP printer cartridges, as the Saudi authorities seized a shipment of counterfeit supplies that was about to enter the Kingdom through A port on the Red Sea coast. As a result, some 6,000 counterfeit ink cartridges ready for sale have been confiscated. More than 65,000 counterfeit ink cartridges were seized during the summer of 2019, and HP, in cooperation with the local authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, succeeded in disrupting three other main sources of illegal products. During the months of October and November 2019, the Saudi authorities raided a number of secret facilities in Riyadh and Jeddah where counterfeit products were stored. The authorities managed to confiscate 50,000 of counterfeit products and prevent them from entering the Saudi market. Counterfeiting is a crime and illegal counterfeiting can cause a number of problems for users which negatively affect performance and reliability of print operation. stop illegal operations that produce counterfeit print components from HP.

On the other hand, the HP Planet Partners program has so far succeeded in recycling more than 875 million original HP ink cartridges. By purchasing and recycling original ink cartridges, both customers and partners participate in HP’s closed-loop process and contribute to the company’s efforts. To create a more sustainable future for printing, more environmentally friendly and free of carbon emissions, and support a circular economy. The recycling process in HP’s Planet Partners program relies in part on plastics captured from ocean water that are collected and recovered in Haiti. HP has been working to reduce ocean-related plastics in Haiti since 2016, and these efforts have already diverted some 771 tons. A metric range of plastic materials, equivalent to more than 60 million plastic bottles, to prevent this plastic from reaching waterways and oceans. Since then, more than 220 metric tons of ocean-bound plastic have been converted for use in Original HP ink cartridges.

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