Horizon Draft FCB Picks Xerox Color 560

Horizon Draft FCB, a well known name in the advertising industry recently invested in a Xerox Color 560 machine, which is one of the latest models in the Xerox digital printer range. The investment aims to meet the growing demand of the company’s customers and to provide publications and promotional materials in the highest available print quality.

Demand from the customers and the need for advanced technology made Horizon Draft FCB go for the latest printing equipments available in the market. The newly installed Xerox machine can print in small quantities and has the capability to personalize publications according to demand.

Talking on the recent investment, Ayham Samaan, Director of Horizon Draft FCB said, “We went for the Xerox machine, because we were keen to maintain Horizon’s position as one of the leading companies in the field of design, advertising and graphic arts. We chose Xerox Color 560 due to its features, which helps to integrate and merge seamlessly with the printing systems that we have at our premises. The machine provides high quality digital prints at low cost, and we are confident that our cooperation with Xerox will benefit our own growth and helps us to increase our competitiveness.”

Hazem Husseini, Pubic Sales Manager, Sector Markets of Xerox Egypt commented, “Xerox takes great interest in the advertising and publicity sector, especially with the promising possibilities and the highly competitive characteristics that Egypt currently offers. We are happy that Horizon Draft FCB has gone for the Xerox machine, and we are committed to provide our customers in this sector with unique and innovative systems and thereby help them to reach new levels of creativity and achieve dazzling results. Our machines enable customers to respond quickly and effectively to the requirements of their clients.”

Xerox Color 550/560 comes with various features such as the ability to print on any type and size of paper and the use of innovative colours and speed standards. In addition to these it’s equipped with a variety of options like stapling, punching and bending that allows the production of a wide variety of promotional materials at a speed of up to 60 pages per minute in colour and 65 pages in black and white.

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