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Goss partners with Elettra for waste reduction

As part of its ongoing strategy to establish industry partnerships that can deliver value-added solutions for customers, Goss International has announced a new collaboration with ElettraSrl, leading manufacturer of automatic blanket washing systems. The association between Goss and Elettra is designed to provide new benefits for commercial press users, by providing waste reductions that deliver a rapid return on investment. Goss also becomes the exclusive dealer for Elettra commercial web products in the Americas.

Elettra has built up a portfolio of VOC-free automatic blanket washer systems featuring cloth technology that offer a pathway to more sustainable production across a range of print processes.

Two retrofit Elettra automatic blanket wash systems offer productivity benefits for new and existing Goss commercial presses. FastWash – installed inside the print units. The FastWash blanket washer maintains a uniform mechanical and chemical action across the web width for consistent cleaning action; and CombiWash – applies cleaning solution across the entire web at the paper infeed stage. The patented design of the CombiWash system is engineered to minimize wasted copies through a wash performed while the press is running in less than nine seconds.

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