EWIG and Tawasul Transport Deploy Epson Business inkjet printers

East & West International Group (EWIG), an integrated real estate group in the UAE, as well as Tawasul Transport, a National Taxi Company operating in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain under Integrated Transport center, announced today that they have deployed Epson inkjet printers to optimize productivity and costs for more than 8,000 employees as they return to socially-distanced offices.

This is in line with the UAE’s leadership and vision to create a more sustainable environment, including the recent reaffirmation of climate commitment to the Paris Agreement to reduce carbon emissions by 25% before 2030.

As environmentally conscious organizations, it was imperative for both EWIG and Tawasul Transport to identify and implement a robust but sustainable solution that would enable them to optimize printer usage across their operations while reducing their overall carbon footprint.

To achieve this while also advancing their digital transformation journey, both organizations partnered with Epson and channel partner ByTec IT Solutions to switch from laser printers to Epson’s Workforce Enterprise business inkjet printers.

In addition to fostering a more productive workforce, the move included transitioning from individual printers for each employee towards a shared unit model. This switch has enabled both EWIG and Tawasul Transport to achieve significant cost savings in paper, power, and ink cartridges.

One of the biggest business benefits has been in reducing supplies. Epson’s high-yield ink cartridges and enhanced printer management has led to a dramatic and very noticeable reduction in print associated waste.

“East & West International Group objective is to provide clients with the best services – and that means striving for organizational excellence, consolidating our IT resources, and embracing technological advancements,” said Dr. Hussain Harhara, General Manager of EWIG. “As our employees return to offices, our partnership with Epson and ByTec is providing not only a fast and secure solution with its business inkjet printers that are delivering better business outcomes but is also helping us dramatically reduce our carbon footprint and our impact on the environment.”

“Given the heavy traffic we have on our printers especially during the training sessions delivered to our operations team while also providing our employees with better quality handouts and adhering to our social responsibility towards the environment, we opted to implement the new Epson Inkjet printers after closely monitoring the performance of the demo units that were provided for us,” said Jumaa Al Kaabi, General Manager of Tawasul. “Striving to achieve ongoing excellence with the right partners, our collaboration with Epson has been perfectly in-line with our goals.”

Rapid deployment and secure and controlled printing

Following demos that showed the dramatic reduction in energy consumption, Epson and ByTec deployed and installed the printers within 10 days across three different facilities operated by EWIG and Tawasul Transport in the UAE.

Epson and ByTec teams have also trained each organization’s IT specialists on how to optimize their new Epson printers, such as using Epson Print Admin. As employees return to offices, each IT team is utilizing Epson Print Admin to monitor and reduce printing consumption and enable secure and controlled printing. Features include user authentication protocols, scan and send, employee education notifications, and administrative tools.

“East & West and Tawasul Transport’s digital transformation journey is showing how conglomerates can leverage state-of-the-art business inkjet printers to optimize productivity, security, and sustainability,” said

Husam Al Sughayyar, regional sales manager for Epson, UAE and GCC. “We look forward to supporting both organizations as they continue to embrace sustainability through technology across their operations and explore the next phase of business services that can further boost their economic growth.”

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