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Dreams in. Prints Out. Why Beyond CMYK is the Future of Print.

Interview with Nour Crema, Regional Manager Xerox Middle East Operations

Printing industry is at the crossroads. While growth of conventional printing within commercial sector is flat, digital printing is enjoying a double-digit growth. Production volume of digital printing have increased considerably and it is no longer considered low volume option. But that’s not all. Digital printing is evolving and adapting as a communication channel and new technologies such as digital embellishments (a.k.a enhancements) allow printers to offer added value by embracing the power of touch and create enhanced print experiences. Digital embellishments also generate more revenue streams for PSP’s. In order to find out what are the opportunities of digital embellishments and how Xerox can help PSP’s to hop on digital embellishments bandwagon and move beyond CMYK printing we sat down with Nour Crema, Regional Manager Xerox Middle East Operations.

Here are the excerpts:

What is digital enhancement (embellishment)?

In simple terms It means creating physical and visual eye-catching printed effects using gold, silver, white, clear and fluorescent colours as well as foils or varnish. Digital technologies open up new opportunities for rich layering and eye-catching embellishments, all while maintaining digital print’s advantages – short runs, quick turnarounds and high-impact personalization.

What are the opportunities it offers PSP’s?

Print providers need to earn more from fewer jobs and to differentiate their businesses from the competition. Digital enhancements – like gold, silver, white, clear and fluorescent colors can provide both increased profits and a competitive advantage. Key factors provided by Keypoint Intelligence on why digital embellishments matter include:

  • Page value:  Print buyers are willing to pay a premium of 24% to 89% over CMYK for digital print enhancements.
  • Enhancement opportunity: By the end of Q4, promotional printing, including direct mail, brochures, books, signage and catalogs, is expected to approach 2019 levels. These applications are in high demand for digital embellishments. ​
  • Remain competitive: In a global survey, half of all print providers say specialty colors are a must-have for their businesses.
  • Insource, not outsource: Grow margins, save time and cost by adding print enhancements inhouse and not outsourcing client wo.Xerox Middle East

What are Xerox digital embellishment solutions for print providers?

Xerox’s market leading Beyond CMYK portfolio provides print professionals opportunity for digital print enhancements – from the large volume print shop, to light production and into the office space.​ Our solutions include:

  • Designer options:  Xerox Beyond CMYK offerings can automate adding digital enhancements without a designer or print whatever can be imagined using a designer or creative agency. ​
  • Scalable: Xerox technology is scalable with new innovations and colours being added to platforms without the need to buy a new press.​
  • Affordable: Primelink and Versant 180 Adaptive Kits can be added at a quarter of the cost of purchasing a stand-alone new CMYK+ device. ​
  • Unlimited Palette: No one can offer the range of colours, varnishes, mixed metallics, extended gamut, media options and single pass digital enhancement technology of the Xerox portfolio of Beyond CMYK offerings.​

How important is digital embellishment for brands?

The big brands have always strived to distinguish themselves. By taking advantage of aesthetics and sensation of touch they can capture hearts and minds of their clients and consumers. As I mentioned earlier the enhanced print sell between 24% and 89% more than non-enhanced print. At the moment we are witnessing a shift from a print that only offers information to a print that leaves an impact and heightens the senses.

Digital embellishments create a lasting brand impression, an impression that says “high class” and “high value”. Gold and Silver add sparkle and richness. Xerox has the best technology to help brands enhance their image. For example, Xerox® Iridesse® Production Press, achieve iridescent metallic hues that no competitor can match by layering metallics with CMYK. Gold and Silver can be used on their own or combined with White and Clear to achieve special spot effects in a single pass.

Xerox iGen 5, on the other hand makes it possible to move more jobs with PANTONE®/brand colour matching requirements from offset to digital. It eliminates trial and error with intelligent, accurate colour matching. It Enhance the vibrancy and colour rendition of photos.

The possibilities that Xerox technology offers are limitless; Spots that pop off the page, floods that add sheen to an entire page or section. textured effects that lift design elements into the third dimension and much more.

What are the application possibilities of digital embellishments?

The applications are virtually limitless: business cards, tickets, direct mail, postcard, invitations, envelopes, Book Jackets, posters, signage, clings, folding carton.

The Xerox embellishment solutions including fluorescent effects are ideal for posters, safety signage that demands attention, direct mail that catches the eye, product packaging that must stand apart in retail stores and last but not least it can create Invisible watermarks that are revealed under UV light.

Is investing in digital embellishment expensive?

Contrary to popular belief digital embellishment is not that expensive. But before investing you should pinpoint the digital embellishment solution that you require today and also you will be requiring in the future. You need to know what are your customers’ priorities and what kind of value they are expecting to get from digital embellishments. You can also contact Xerox MEA to learn more about our solutions and how we can help you extend your printing capabilities beyond CMYK.

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