Caravan Industries to Print Green With Seven HP Latex Printers

Caravan industries in Saudi Arabia enhanced their capability in LFP by investing in seven HP latex printers. The investment is part of their expansion plan, which seeks to maintain their growth in the advertising sector. The HP latex printers will enable them to meet the increasing demand for green printing solutions in the kingdom.

Caravan industries is one of the largest companies that does large format printing in the kingdom. The company offers wide range of solutions including printing signage, both outdoor and indoor, neon signs, three dimensional sign and poster printing, window display sand fleet graphics and other applications.

It is equipped with the latest packaging and printing kits of more than 60   brands such as, HP, VUTEk, Jeti, Durst, Fujifilm and Mimaki among others. Its clientele include major supermarkets and companies like Samsung, Sony, British Bank and Burger King.

In an exclusive interview with ME Printer, Nasser El Ras, owner of Caravan industries said that the deal with HP was in line with customer trends in the Saudi market, which is now focused on green printing solutions. He said, “HP latex printers meets the requirements of our customers, as its eco-friendly and does not contain any organic solvents. We are witnessing huge demand for latex printers in the kingdom.”

Speaking about the market performance last year, Nasser said that the advertising market in Saudi Arabia witnessed significant improvement in 2012 compared to the same period last year. He explained, “Despite the challenges that we faced, we were able to achieve a growth rate of 20%. Our clients are from various sectors and we are well equipped to effectively meet the growing demand of the market.”

Reasoning their decision of choosing HP printers, Nasser said, “We have invested in 7 HP latex printers because we believe in the capabilities of HP printers. We are confident that the printers can meet customer’s needs by allowing them to do a wide range of applications with high print quality and productivity. Dynagraph, HP’s distributor in Saudi provide us huge support, whether it is related to maintenance or in providing inks.” He pointed out that Caravan industries have set its goal to focus and develop its capabilities and to keep up with the latest technologies in LFP printing.

Discussing the market trends, Nasser said that, “Customers have become more focused on indoor printing solutions, for example in printing signage for malls, commercial centres, supermarkets and retail stores, especially in Jeddah because of the monopoly of some companies in the outdoor advertising market.”

Explaining their future plans, Nasser announced that Caravan is building a 30,000 square meters factory, which will be completed towards the beginning of next year. He concluded, “We always strive to develop our infrastructure and to keep abreast with the latest technologies to meet the requirements of the market.”

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