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Al Maadi Invests in Xerox 700

Xerox announced that Al Maadi Plotting Centre, one of the largest centres that produce engineering designs and maps in Egypt, has opted for a Xerox 700 digital printer plus a Xerox CX print server with CREO colour server technology. The investment comes as part of the company’s strategy to provide its customers with the finest printing services, as well as to increase its production to meet the growing demand of the market.

Established in 1995, Al Maadi Plotting Centre provides printing services to various organizations and enterprises. They specialize in printing graphics and technical maps of all sizes to engineering consulting firms, construction houses as well as provides services such as photocopying, scanning, printing greeting cards, posters, business cards, direct mail messages, calendars etc.

The agreement, signed between Al Maadi plotting centre and Xerox Corporation, included replacing and upgrading a number of printing systems, which would help them in meeting future business requirements. The company said that they had chosen the Xerox 700 printer after thorough examination and evaluating the work requirements. According to the owners of the printing centre, the Xerox 700 is equipped to provide the required productivity, quality and flexibility, and it can print all types of publications such as brochures, catalogues, flyers etc. Also The Xerox 700 can print on heavy stocks as well as coated paper, which Al Maadi finds quite attractive. 

Al Maadi Centre also invested in a Xerox CX print server, powered by CREO, which allows the automation of printing process to achieve higher efficiency in printing with a low cost of production. Xerox CREO can send documents to multiple printing systems and can also streamline remote printing operation.

Hani Ghali, owner of Al Maadi plotting centre said, “Efficient and highly productive printing systems were required by us to meet customer demands. We chose Xerox technology after evaluating leading print solutions available in the market. We found that Xerox fits our requirements and will help to serve our customers optimally. We are confident that the new investment will contribute in increasing the productivity of the centre and in facing the challenges of the market.”

Wael Sedky, Head of Graphic Art Sales Operation in Xerox Egypt said, “Printing presses and specialized printing centres are important sectors that play a key role to support the economic growth of Egypt. So, Xerox is keen to provide its clients from this sector with the latest printing systems that helps them to maximize their competitiveness and increase their profits.”


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