A New Press In Medium Format From KBA

With the Rapida 105 PRO, KBA Radebeul announced a new sheetfed offset press in medium format at Print China which ran from 7 to 12 April in Guangdong. The new press takes its place between the Rapida 105 and the high-end Rapida 106. Compared to the Rapida 105, which is still available, at 17,000sph the new press delivers a slightly higher level of performance in terms of production, a larger standard sheet format of 740 x 1,050mm, shorter makeready times thanks to more automation and a new, intuitive operating concept. Additionally, it offers more equipment flexibility and greater scope for customisation. KBA has named the new Rapida 105 PRO which is based on the Rapida 106 (up to 20,000sph). 

Demands placed on printing companies in terms of technology have changed in recent years. Labour costs have risen around the world. The market for printed products is becoming smaller and competition tougher. Standard features which were satisfactory in the past are often no longer sufficient. This is why KBA has redefined the usual industry standards in medium format with the new Rapida 105 PRO.

One of the Rapida 105 PRO’s key features is its full preset capabilities from the feeder, through the printing units to the delivery.

The new press’ high level of automation can also be seen in other places: automated systems for plate changing are available, such as semi-automatic plate change (change in every printing unit at the touch of a button) and automatic plate change (fully automatic change in all units in 2.8 minutes).

The new press is equipped with Rapida inking units. This is in addition to the ability to uncouple inking units which are not currently being used. The Rapida 105 PRO also only runs those units needed, saving energy, washing times and washing agents as well as extending the service life of inking rollers.  

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