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5 Effective Marketing Ideas For Printers


In this competitive world, staying ahead of the competition has become extremely vital for any business. The case is nothing different for print service providers. The market place is full of service providers but standing out amongst the ever growing competition is indeed a difficult task. This is where your marketing brilliance will play a key role in distinguishing yourself from the crowd. Whether you are a small time printer or a big printing house, you are always looking for new and innovative ideas to increase your business. Position your print house in a unique category and create a distinct identity in the market. By creating a niche, you kind of eliminate your competition all together.

Apply these marketing strategies to your business and find out the difference within a few months.

Start A Blog

Content is the king. People always like to read relevant content. If the matter will help them increase their business or serve their purpose effectively, your blog will definitely be noticed. The blog should be content driven and if content is relevant to your target audience, then SEO will happen organically. Google’s Hummingbird algorithm likes relevant fresh content. Hence it advisable to update your blog atleast twice a week. Also make sure that you share your blog on various social media platforms like Facebook and Linkedin. You can start blogging in-house or you can also hire professional bloggers to write for you.  

Create A Newsletter

Just like a blog, you can create a weekly or a monthly newsletter. It can be printed and circulated amongst your clients. You can also create an e-newsletter. If you are opting for an e-newsletter, then you should make sure it doesn’t hit the spam. Newsletter should contain latest happenings about your company, newest product offerings, details regarding ongoing projects or any information which you think can help your clients. It is one of the best ways to keep your customers updated about your company. It increases the brand awareness and recall value in the minds of the consumer. 

Get On To The Social Media Bandwagon

Effective use of social media platforms can create wonders for your print business.  It is important to focus on forums where you can interact with your target audience regularly. Facebook can be used effectively to promote your brand but Linkedin can be used to connect with other businesses and professionals. You can also share your blogs or newsletter on these platforms. Also make sure to make regular posts and keep the pages updated. You social media activities also affects your SEO. Twitter is another important which can be used to update about the latest news and product offerings. 

Interview Your Clients Regularly

Talking to your clients on a regular basis can truly prove to be a game changer for your business. Clients can provide you unique insights and honest feedback which can help you make vital changes in your service offerings. Try to find out the pain points in the customers line of action. You can gauge where you can improve your service offerings. This will build trust amongst your customers.  Interaction increases the trust and connections.

Be More Than Just A Print Service Provider

More print providers are not only providing printing services but also customized marketing services. Apart from printing services, work on concept selling where you can provide end to end solutions, right from conceptualizing an idea, providing content, designing the content to finally printing the same. For example, you can sell a concept like Birthday Card Mailing. This concept works really well for retailers or restaurant owners where you can start providing unique marketing services like printing personalized birthday cards for their clients. You can provide complete solution including content, designing, printing as well as mailing services.

These simple yet effective marketing strategies which require almost no investment can foster new changes in your printing business. It is high time that conventional print service providers look beyond the traditional services and implement new marketing strategies in their businesses.


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