Xerox Organizes ‘Start Up’ Event For Its Customers

Xerox Egypt recently organized a conference titled ‘Xerox Start Up’ in Cairo, which targeted major printing presses and graphic art companies and institutions in Egypt.

During the conference, Xerox reviewed its future plans and programs aimed for the development of the printing and publishing sector. The company examined its digital printing solutions that would enable printers and institutions to enter into new business areas and help them increase their revenues, while reducing costs.

Interactive presentations and sessions gave attendees an opportunity to learn more about the latest printing techniques, which would help in developing their business and strengthening their position in the market. Wael Sedky, Head of Graphic Communication Business at Xerox Egypt, while inaugurating the event said, “The printing and publishing sector is currently facing many challenges. Printers are often forced to increase productivity and reduce the cost of printed materials, while maintaining the highest level of accuracy and efficiency. The highly competitive market has fuelled the challenges that we face today.”

He argued, “Our major goal behind organizing this event was to discuss these challenges and also showcase the latest solutions and technologies offered by Xerox. We aim to inform our customers about the new opportunities in the market and thereby help them grow and increase their revenue share, thus contributing to the local economy in general.”

The event also evaluated the features of the new Xerox 770 digital colour press.  According to the company, the press is ideal for printing photo albums, e-direct and marketing materials. Less human intervention and automated colour quality mechanism are some of the highlights of this press. The digital press can print on various media types at a speed of up to 70 pages per minute. It comes with a wide variety of finishing options such as sewing hole, creasing and stapling.

The event also highlighted the features of the new Xerox D125, which combines the functions of a printer, copier and a scanner. The machine boasts superior quality printing, in addition to high speed and efficiency at a reasonable cost.

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